Intergenerational day care and pre-school

AHN opened in 2017, the first Intergenerational day care and pre-school co-located in the grounds of a care home focused on developing a programme of mutually beneficial, therapeutic, educational and meaningful engagements every day.

Experiencing is believing!

Please play the video for an introduction to our Intergenerational programme.

Our ground-breaking programme

Created by our co-founder Judith Ish-Horowicz MBE, has been shared nationally and internationally as a response to the changing demographics of ageing and fluid family structures.  

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‘There's only a 90-year age difference, but what's 90 years between friends.’

‘There’s increasing evidence that if you put services for old people and services for very young people together that you get a better outcome for all of them.’
Matt Hancock
Health Secretary, Oct 2018
Noa and Elizabeth reading re-sized
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Creativity and Innovation

Even during lockdown, our Intergenerational relationships stayed strong. We continued to support each other.

Watch our togetherness video.

Research and Development

Apples and Honey Nightingale is a hub for research on the benefits of Intergenerational engagements. Together with Nightingale Hammerson, we have hosted academics who have studied the benefits of Intergenerational music, creative arts, exercise, drama programmes on the development and well-being of all involved.

You can read our co-founder Dr Ali Somers’ in-depth case study about our first year of Intergenerational work here.

Her 2019 study into the impact of the Intergenerational programme at Nightingale House on the well-being of elderly residents can be accessed here.


Apples and Honey Nightingale, together with Nightingale Hammerson has launched the first Nested Level 3 Qualification in Intergenerational Care and Education in March 2023.  To find out more and to book on the next training course starting in September 2023, please click here.

Growing out of the success of our monthly workshops on creating and developing Intergenerational models of care and education, this course will ensure that knowledgeable and qualified practitioners will be able to roll out Intergenerational programmes in all settings, helping society to become more cohesive, integrated and ultimately more fulfilled and happier. 

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Are you inspired?

We rely on volunteers and donations to develop our Intergenerational programme. We have so many plans!

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