We are very pleased that … is happy, confident and learning well at Apples and Honey Nightingale. We could not ask for more in social and emotional development for her age and staff. She has had such a rich experience, full of experiences and opportunities beyond what we could have envisaged for a three-year-old would know. Her teachers have developed a wonderful, reassuring bond that ensures … feels safe and supported.” 

“Please continue the excellent work you guys are doing! Thank you so much for all your efforts. Feel free to encourage absolute mess/dirt!”

“As you know, we think that sending our son to AHN is the best decision. It cannot compare to other nurseries as it’s special way of teaching is truly outstanding and it’s setting allows the children to discover, play, learn, be healthy and explore. Unique!” “Since moving to the Apple’s Class, have seen … thrive even further. His independence, confidence, lust for life and learning continues to surprise and fascinate me. The way children are nurtured and encouraged is so important.”

“I am very happy with … progress in the Apple’s Class”. He is progressing really well and loves coming to Nursery.”


“… seems to be maturing and learning to control her behaviour better. She is doing really well with her reading and vocabulary. We are really pleased with her progress and grateful for all the support from the teachers at AHN. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for all the feedback. We’ve really noticed that he has come on in many ways especially since September. He loves nursery, both the adults and his little friends.”

“Thank you. She is thriving at nursery. We are delighted with her progress and her strong bond with her Key Person.”


“He continues to grow and develop at a pace that astounds us. Thank you to the entire team at AHN for your care and nourishment of him.”

“Absolutely delighted with his progress – he loves nursery now, and his teacher and your staff have worked wonders.”

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