Our day in the nursery

No two days in the nursery are the same! Yet, there is a routine that underpins our day of play, joy, and discovery.

Once the children arrive, and have a chance to play and settle in, we sit down for our welcome and singing time. We sing in English and Hebrew, and even learn Makaton (sign language).

Each day, the activities available for children to engage in change. There are themes for each week, new play to explore, and a lot of spontaneous fun. Children spend as much time outdoors as they like.

Part of what makes our week unique are the trips we take to explore the world around us. We learn about festivals from different faiths and cultures. For harvest festivals, we go to Garsons Farm in Esher to pick autumn fruits. We take the children to the market in Balham. We join our Wimbledon nursery children for a Womble Walk on the Common. At the close of each week, we celebrate Shabbat. 

Shabbat in the nursery is a special time. It marks the weekly Jewish day of rest. However, our nursery children have always come from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds. Over the years, we have had overwhelming positive feedback from our non-Jewish families that they love our nursery Shabbat celebrations as much as our Jewish families.

We knead homemade challah bread on Friday morning, bake it onsite, and then enjoy it together as our snack. Each week, we have a different Shabbat host or hostess, a nursery child, who leads the day's activities. Every child gets the chance to have a turn. Families are invited into the nursery on Shabbat, and the weekly host or hostess brings in fresh flowers for our table. We close our week reminding ourselves of what we have enjoyed, learned, and appreciated about the week. 

Life in the nursery is busy and stimulating. We have a wide range of specialists who come in and contribute to our day. But most of all, it is a caring and supportive environment, where early years teachers nurture each child through their development. We believe in the quality and expertise of our teaching team. We invest our resources in bringing in the best and most qualified teachers to support and care for our nursery children. It's the secret to our twenty-six year success.

Apples and Honey Nightingale creates a special environment for children and their families. To learn more, please get in touch on Welcome@ApplesandHoneyNightingale.com.


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