Centre for Intergenerational Practice, Research & Development (England)

Apples & Honey Nightingale in partnership with the Beth Johnson Foundation are revitalising the CIPRD: Centre for Intergenerational Practice, Research & Development (England).

We are delighted to share the CIPRD briefing paper describing our vision for a community of practice that develops intergenerational leaders in a range of communities and setting across England. Please join us in this shared initiative by signing up here.

Click here to download our Briefing Paper.

Storytelling in Practice is an informative flipbook from the Centre for Intergenerational Practice  Research and Development.

The Background:

Apples and Honey Nightingale in partnership with the Beth Johnson Foundation are resurrecting the Centre for Intergenerational Practice, Research and Development (England).

The partnership is supported by a newly formed UK Intergenerational Executive Team which will directly connect Intergenerational experts from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. It is hoped this will engender more cross border working across the UK as well as internationally. Each organisation is an active member of the Global Intergenerational Week Executive Team (Apples & Honey Nightingale/The Beth Johnson FoundationBridging the Generations/the Welsh Network, Generations Working Together and Linking Generations Northern Ireland) and are respected and recognised globally. 

Roles and Responsibilities:       

  • Acting as a coordinating body for individuals, practitioners, policy makers, academics and organisations providing guidance/support, training, small grants, and networking opportunities and events across England.
  • Promoting intergenerational advocacy.
  • Building a central resource bank/library for sharing, inspiring and learning.
  • Acting as a conduit for conducting, sharing and supporting cutting edge research, evaluation and impact reports.
  • Representing England on the UK Intergenerational Executive Team and Global Intergenerational Week’s Executive Team.
  • Embedding cross border working with colleagues in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • Encouraging England to be an all-age-friendly society.
  • Establishing relationships with funders to increase opportunities for intergenerational programmes across England. 
  • Working with our International partners in, developing and extending, Intergenerational practice and research worldwide.


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